Disneyland Outfits

I mean did we really expect anything less from me? OF COURSE we have outfits specifically for Disney! I wanted to wait until after our trip but this has been highly requested since a lot of you are also planning Disney trips and you wanted outfit inso. So here we go!

Last year we were suppose to take Nicholas to Disney in April or May (we didn’t have a set date yet) but because of COVID that didn’t happen. A lot of trips we had planned last year got cancelled completely or pushed back. Since Emilia is old enough now she is coming with us to this postponed Disney trip and honestly I’m happy it worked out this way. They’ll both have their first Disney experience together and I’m emotional just thinking about it!

Anyway, I had purchased one shirt for Nicholas last year and luckily it will still fit him when we go in a few weeks, so that’s likely the only shirt I won’t have a link for. I got most of Emilia’s outfits from Janie and Jack and a couple of things for Nicholas from there as well. It is a more expensive shop so I’ll be sharing more affordable options for the items we got!Janie and Jack has the CUTEST Disney line right now, they have a Mickey and Friends collection, Alice in Wonderland collection, and (my favorite) a Princess collection which is just so beautiful and subtle. We know I’m not a huge fan of character clothing so when I saw how tastefully they had done these collections I knew I had to get something from these collections for our trip!

Emilia’s “Princess” Outfits
1. Belle Gown and Flower
2. Minnie Dress and Headband

Nicholas Outfits
1. Jack Skellington (Old Navy In Store)
2. Mickey Mouse
3. Mickey Print T-Shirt
4. Mickey Print Sweater

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