Disneyland Must Haves

Disneyland with toddlers? You bet! Most stressful trip I’ve planned? Not quite, but I feel pretty confident in having low expectations and being OVER prepared. We are heading to the happiest place on earth for Halloween (not ON Halloween, just for the pumpkins) because Nicholas is OBSESSED with pumpkins and I refuse to let one more Halloween season in the parks go by without him seeing how magical it is.

I’ve done extensive research and gone many times with other peoples’ children to Disneyland so I’ve put together a “Disney Must Haves” guide for you!

  1. Minnie Backpack Safety Leash and Mickey Backpack Safety Leash. I am THAT mom, and you bet your ass my kids will be wearing these backpack leashes when they are not sitting in their stroller at the parks. I would have them wearing them regardless, but I’m even more adamant about it since we are going during the holiday season meaning the parks are going to be busier than normal. I just don’t want to chance them getting lost. I also want them to still look cute though, so we got some that are on theme.

2. First Aid Kit. I like to keep a small first aid kit in our cars and in the stroller anyway, but I wanted a new one fully stocked specifically for this trip. This kit has a little bit of everything just in case. I will also be packing other miscellaneous items like tylenol, motrin, benadryl, etc. in case it is needed. You really never know with kids and let me tell you, you don’t want to be stuck paying amusement park prices on those items.

3. Stroller Fans. This one might seem silly considering we’re going in October, but there are still some warmer days in October so just covering all my bases. Also the canopy? of the kids stroller comes all the way down over their snack trays which is perfect for when they’re sleeping and keeping the sun out of their faces, but not so great for circulation so I want to make sure we can keep the air moving.

4. Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Wipes. I feel like this is self explanatory, but even without COVID I would still feel these were necessary to bring with us. Amusement parks are dirty, germs are everywhere, and while I’m not super paranoid I still don’t want to be picking up any bugs.

5. Backpack with secret Zipper. I saw someone I follow on Instagram share this after her trip to Disney World with her kids and knew I needed one for our trip! They are currently sold out, but they should be getting stock in soon. This backpack is super cute and it has a really pocket friendly price point. I ordered the Large Beige, but since it’s not in stock in that color I used a stock photo of a color that is in stock as of me hitting publish.

6. Extra Binkies. I mean really you all know by now that Emilia loses binkies like it’s her full time job so I purchased ones specifically for this trip just in case she drops one on a ride, the ground, or it gets left on a table somewhere.

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