Amazon In My Cart

I love seeing these, and I love putting them together. So, I’m about to do a random Amazon order and thought I’d share it with you all here. Enjoy!

click photo for link

Emilia is always losing her binkies so I pretty much add these in with every Amazon purchase lately.

click photo for link

Saw these and thought they were interesting and likely work better than a hair tie.

click photo for link

We are really trying to stop Nicholas from sucking his thumb, and have now moved on from talking about it to making it unpleasant for him.

click photo for link

Toddlers, white shirts, light colored clothing, pretty self explanatory. I will say though this stuff is not as “magical” as people make it out to be. If it’s a stain from liquid it works great, but spaghetti sauce, mac n cheese stains, or any other food stain you still have to scrub the clothes to get the stains out.

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