Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Round Up

Are you a procrastinator like me? Cool cool cool cause I have two dads and my father in law to shop for and have not done any shopping at all yet. Luckily Amazon Prime and fast shipping from awesome companies exists. In general I think shopping for men is so hard. My husband interests/hobbies are his car and thats super expensive and when he wants something for his car he just gets it. My dad is more of an outdoorsy person but I swear I’ve already gotten him all the cool gadgets for hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting so what do we get him? I’m sure you have the same headache happening, so here it is:

This wallet is really high quality and doesn’t break the bank. I got this for my husband for Father’s Day and he is obsessed with it already. It’s super slim and fits everything he needs in it. It’s literally like magic.

This portable charger is pretty awesome. We have it and it’s seriously a life saver. It plugs right into the wall, has all the cords attached to it, and it comes with a carrying case.

You can never go wrong with some loungewear. These are a little spendy, but my husband is now obsessed and wants to buy more. Which says a lot because he is hard to impress. Like so hard.

I just think this is a really fun, kind of “joke” gift. Obviously you wouldn’t just get this, but it couldn’t hurt to add it in.

For the outdoorsy one that goes hiking and camping this could literally save lives and something like this is a must have for any adventuring off the beaten path.

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