Summer Time

We have had a lot on our calendars lately, and it’s just getting more busy but we have officially entered that stage of life where we have one in pre-school and peer group activities so we’re just running around all the time. It’s about to be chaotic, but also I’m so excited about how much fun this is going to be this year.

After mastering potty training we got Nicholas enrolled in pre-school and he has been loving it. We also got him enrolled in swim classes so that he can learn how to swim. For most of my college years I worked as a swim teacher myself and can’t even begin to tell you how fulfilling that job was. We have him going to the same swim school I taught at and it’s such a surreal feeling to watch him learning in the pool where I taught. He’s not a fan (yet), but we’ll get there and I’m so excited to see his progress over the next few months.

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