New Garage Gym

This weekend we stayed home all weekend. Crazy. I know. We got so much done around the house though including cleaning the back yard, garage, and setting up a little workout corner for me. I’ve been struggling with motivation and I think this is going to be the thing that really helps me kick it back into gear.

Since I got this area set up I thought it would be the perfect time to cover my home gym must haves. You really don’t need a lot to get a really good workout in, and you definitely don’t need a lot of space either. It’s literally just a corner in the garage.

Bowflex Selecttech Adjustable Dumbbells: I feel bad even mentioning these because you literally cannot get them anywhere for a reasonable price since the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve had mine since 2017 and only paid $150 for them. Anywhere that has them is selling them for $300-$400 which is outrageous. If you can find adjustable dumbbells that are reasonable jump on it, it is the most affordable and space friendly way to have a wide range of weights. I found this style on Amazon and with 11,000 5 star reviews they’re definitely worth a try especially for the price. When shopping this selection though make sure you get the PAIR and not a SINGLE.

Resistance Bands w/Handles: You can do so many different things with these, they are a definite essential for any home gym.

Resistance Loops: Again, you just need them. They take any leg day from boring to killer in a snap. With limited weight options having different ways to add intensity is super important for continuing to make progress.

Gorilla Mat: Having some kind of soft/stable surface is super important. I have worked out in my living room on a rug, tile, carpet, etc. and all are perfectly suitable. I like having some kind of cushion for when I’m doing any jumping or higher intensity exercises to help protect my joints. Gorilla Mats are awesome, reasonably priced, and nice and durable too.

That covers all of the “necessary” things, here are a couple of add-on items that I’ve gotten over the years that have their place but definitely aren’t needed to get the most out of your workouts.

Incline/Decline Bench: Having a bench that inclines and declines give you a lot of options with one piece of equipment. You can do a bunch of different core exercises, chest presses, etc. Not a necessity though and if you don’t have the space don’t sweat it. This is one of those if you want one it’s nice to have, but definitely not going to get in the way of whether or not you get a good workout in. (Linked the one that I want to purchase for my own space.)

Core Ball: This is just a fun little accessory that can help switch up some of your exercises and add in a new challenge.

Door/Wall Track: This is becoming one of my absolute favorite pieces of home gym equipment. It basically gives you a cable machine without the bulk or the expense of a an actual cable machine. Not necessary but definitely a nice bonus.

Strength Slides: (you can also get resistance loops + strength slides in a bundle here) I love having these and they really take up zero space.

Indoor Jump Ropes: Okay I have zero coordination so when we released this accessory I was ecstatic. I’ve always wanted to use jump ropes in my workouts, but didn’t want the hassle of the rope being in the way, or worrying about smacking one of the kids with the rope. These are slightly weighted, and you don’t have to worry about tripping over the rope or hitting anyone with it because it simply just isn’t there.

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