Keeping White Clothes White with Toddlers

You’ve likely noticed by now my kids wear a lot of white and light colors. I just can’t help loving this color pallet for my kids, and really should maybe rethink my styling choices for them BUT I’ve gotten really good at getting stains out and keeping their white clothes white and those light colors bright.

My secret?
Shout Triple Action Spray I spray this directly on any stains and scrub with a toothbrush (those freebie ones the dentist gives you and you never use) or scrub brush whichever I can find faster. I don’t always need to do this step buy I always do it first if I do.
Oxi-Clean White Revive I fill the scoop provided about half way and pour into the empty drum of my washer, and then top the load of laundry with a second half scoop. If I’m washing shoes I’ll just do the one half scoop. I use this with every load of whites and every load of light colors.
Clorox Splash-Less Bleach I only use this in loads of white or if I’m washing white shoes, I get it from Target.
I JUST purchase the Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater and I’m really excited for this because people say that you don’t even need to scrub the stains to get them out. I’ll be getting it later this week and most definitely giving you a final approval/review. I did link it here for you to try as well.

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