Eating to Match Your Goals

When we have fitness goals it can be so confusing to understand how much and what we should be eating. With all of the different diets out there it only adds to the confusion when there really shouldn’t be any. If you want to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. If you want to maintain you need to match your TDEE. If you want to gain you need to be in a surplus. If you want more info on exact numbers and how much of everything you should be eating for your goals fill out this form here and lets get you started in my one on one coaching!

To get the most out of your nutrition you need to be really specific about your goals. Do you want to lean out? Build muscle? Gain weight? Maintain weight but have a more “toned” appearance? Getting specific about these things will help you know what approach you need to be taking toward your goals. Also, the phase of life you are in plays a big role in how to calculate your numbers. Are you pregnant? Your goals are going to be wildly different. Are you breastfeeding? Again WILDLY different approach needs to be taken. You can lose weight while breastfeeding, it just needs to be done in a safe way that ensures you are getting enough nutrients for you and baby etc.

I get asked a lot what my goals are so here it is: I want to lose fat, build muscle, and build a lean athletic appearance. I will need to be eating in a caloric deficit and focus on eating nutrient dense vegetables and lean protein. I typically eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch and switch it up for dinner. We order Hello Fresh and have that three times a week, and the other days we either get invited over to my in-laws, order pizza, or do something simple. By tracking macros I can work in treats/desserts or fun dinners like pizza, burgers, spaghetti etc. and by eating the same things for breakfast and lunch it makes it super simple to keep track of everything.

Click here to get started in my bootcamps and get your customized meal plan!

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