Easter Gift Guide 2021

I seriously love putting together gift guides and getting all the gifts for holidays like Easter. As kids Easter was a huge deal in our house, so naturally as an adult with my own children I just love going above and beyond. I do try to keep it simple and break it down into categories though, so that I don’t go too overboard. Here’s what we do:
1. Candy (duh)
2. Books
3. One Toy each (and a shared big toy for summer)
4. New Swimsuit
5. Cute Stuffy

Now within these categories I usually try to keep it at a limit of one each, but that doesn’t always happen. Nicholas has been asking for Play-Doh forever so I grabbed him a small starter set of Play-Doh so naturally he’ll need accessories to go with it. Emilia is obsessed with Toy Story so when I saw this Mr. Potato Head at Target I knew I needed to grab it. She was with me and naturally wanted the box opened immediately. (Love being able to shop for gifts for my kids while they’re with me). I’m not sure if I’ll add anything to her gift though unless it’s something simple like bubbles.

For their combined gift we got an inflatable pool and slide combo with a rainbow arch sprinkler system. They love playing in the water and it’s bound to start warming up pretty soon here. Last year we didn’t get a good water toy until the end of July as a gift and I wish we had that thing for the full summer, it got so much use. With both kids being bigger though we definitely needed an upgrade.

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