Learning to Accept Your Flaws

In the era of body acceptance and self love it can be misconstrued that those of us that are happy in our bodies and love ourselves, also love our flaws. This isn’t always true.

I for one do not love my stretch marks, I know what they represent, I know that my body just needed to stretch and grow to provide a safe home for growing babies, and thats okay. But I don’t HAVE to love them. I just have to make sure that my stretch marks don’t make me feel any differently about WHO I am and what I think about myself. My stretch marks DO NOT define me, and your stretch marks don’t define you.

Learning to accept this part of me has taken time, but here are some things that have helped the healing:

  1. Remembering that the way my body looks has nothing to do with who I am.
  2. My stretch marks, scars, and loose skin tell a story. MY STORY.
  3. No one, and I mean no one, remembers me because of my stretch marks.
  4. I don’t give them power over my mood, or what I think of myself.
  5. I reframe my thoughts around my stretch marks. ie. Instead of “ew my stretch marks are gross” I say to myself “I have stretch marks and so many other women do too. I accept them for what they are.” And then I move on.
  6. I wear clothes I like, make me feel good, and are flattering. FULL STOP. If I like it, I wear it. If I feel good in it, I wear it. If I like the way it looks on me, I wear it. I do not let my stretch marks stop me from wearing crop tops, shorts, or a two piece swimsuit.

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