I’m Making A Shift…

As much as I love sharing all things related to health and wellness I feel like I’ve been falling short of sharing more on mental health and how I have overcome Diet Culture over the years. We don’t see near enough fitness professionals sharing the real and raw. These women don’t share their stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite, or scars. If they appear in photos they usually get edited out and it paints this picture for young women and other moms all over the place of this unrealistic standards. I don’t want to do that here. I want to show up as me. I don’t photoshop my photos, but I do tend to pick the “prettier” shots that look what society would deem as “better”. I’ll continue to share those pictures because they’re fun to shoot, but I’ll also share a side by side of the same day at a different angle, with different lighting that is just way more relatable that can help other women see that both can be true at the same time, and neither one defines her (or my) worth.

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