Nine Week Spring Fitness Plan

In exactly three weeks I will have finished my most recent workout program, to be honest I don’t feel like I did my best with it. I’ve done every workout, my nutrition has been decent, but I just don’t feel like I’ve been dedicated to it. SO I’m doing it AGAIN! Why this matters? I want you to do it with me.

Start Date: MARCH 8TH

Anyway here’s what you need to know: workouts are only 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week, and the program totals nine weeks. You will be provided with the special equipment needed but will need to get yourself an exercise step and some dumb bells. Everything is geared toward working out at home, but you can take the workouts to the gym with you if you like. The flexibility of this program is unlike any other I’ve done in the past.

These are my results so far, I have completed six out of the nine weeks and can’t wait to update you at completion as well as see how much more I can do in a second round.

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