Limited Equipment Ab Workout

First things first, you CANNOT spot reduce fat. Unfortunately you don’t get to decide where your body burns fat from, in order to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit once you are in a calorie deficit you will lose fat and start to have a more lean physique. IF you are happy with your weight and want to build muscle/add weight than you need to be in a calorie surplus and workout to match those efforts. To build muscle you need to be doing traditional weight training and challenging yourself. You do NOT need to lose fat first in order to build muscle. You can do both at the same time. So say I am wanting to lose 10 pounds but I also want to be weight training and building muscle simultaneously, I can do that. I need to be eating in a calorie deficit and using my exercise to facilitate that by weight training and adding in cardio where I want. It’s basic science and I hate that there are people out there that want to sell you a quick fix or convince you otherwise. No magic potions, wraps, shakes, or anything like that just simple math and some basic hard work.

That being said: just doing an ab workout is not going to give you a six pack. You need to be eating properly (aka in a deficit) to shed the fat, which you canNOT spot reduce on your stomach, you just need to do the old fashioned try and the fat will come off where it comes off. It does not mean that training your core is pointless, it is important to have a strong core because it literally supports your body. So I love doing exercises that are functional and actually serve a purpose beyond crunches and planks, so here ya go!

Do each ab exercises for 40 Seconds Repeat once or twice to up intensity

Core Ball Crunches

Core Ball Oblique Crunches

V Up Core Ball Grab

Core Ball Oblique Twist

Side to Side Heel Touches

Core Ball Dead Bug Toe Touch

Side Lying V-Ups w/Core Ball

Knee Tucks w/ Core Ball

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