The Internet Isn’t Fake or Is It?

I’ve seen a lot of this “everything you see on Instagram is fake” narrative, and while I understand where it’s coming from I also don’t believe it. Especially since anything and everything I personally share is VERY real, and I know several others who share the real and raw truth too. So I don’t really buy into the everything is fake narrative that people are pushing. I do know that there are ick/gross people out there that ARE not sharing the real and raw, using apps like Face Tune and photoshop to deceive those that are following them and looking to them for answers or inspiration. It’s disgusting and I hate that it exists in todays world, but it doesn’t and being aware of it is important!

Now don’t get my dislike of that narrative confuse you though. I love and appreciate the people that share the posed “pretty” pictures and also show you the behind the scenes of how to pose to achieve a look in a photo and shine light on the fact that both are okay and both can exist together. I love seeing women show younger girls what real bodies look like and that their body is beautiful the way it is. I love seeing women share a message of self acceptance, love, and respect it’s something that was largely missing when I was younger and desperately needed to see more of.

One of these photos is socially “acceptable” and the other is rarely shown. Why? I don’t think it always means people are fake if they don’t share it though.

We see people on the internet sharing their highlight reel because it’s fun, and I truly don’t think anyone is trying to deceive you about their life or how things are going. It can be true that people are thriving and loving life, but that doesn’t mean they also don’t have struggles and experience real life hardships. Personally I don’t like sharing stuff thats not fun for me to go through and I feel like thats the majority of people. So don’t get things mixed up, just because someone is sharing happy moments and fun times does not mean they aren’t real. I think we’ve put too much pressure on influencers to share things that maybe they aren’t comfortable sharing, and if they don’t share that stuff they’re fake or “cancelled”. Let’s change the narrative. Let’s allow people to share the bright, happy, and fun times as they please without being accused of being fake. Let’s allow people to share the struggles how they see fit and when they see fit.

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