DIY Dollhouse

For Christmas I scoured the inter webs for a wooden dollhouse for Emilia, and while I found some truly beautiful ones they were all so expensive. Think $300+, and honestly I just don’t think thats reasonable. It’s a dollhouse, not a functional piece of furniture. I basically let the idea go and just thought I wouldn’t be getting her one now or anytime soon. I was scrolling on Pinterest one day and I started seeing DIY inspo for dollhouse bookshelves that were similar to the Pottery Barn version and I just knew I needed to try it for myself! Basically it’s a pretty simple project, as long as you have a Mitre Saw that can cut at an angle, a nail gun, or KREG Jig, some wood glue, a level, and some measuring tape you’ll be set.

Since we’ve done so many projects by now I do have most of this on hand at all times which cuts costs since we don’t need to rent any tools and we’ve already invested in the purchase so the only concern is getting the wood I’ll need for a project and any other materials like caulking for the seems and wood filler, sand paper, etc.

FOUR 6ft 1×12 Pine Boards
FOUR 6ft 1×2 Pine Boards
Wood Filler
Sand Paper
16 ga 2in Finishing Nails

Mitre Saw
Nail Gun
Measuring Tape
Paint Roller

THREE 3 foot 1×12
TWO 3 foot 1×12 with 30 degree edge (sides)
TWO 10″ 1×12
TWO 26″ 1×12 with 30 degree edge (roof)
ONE 22″ 1×12 with 30 degree edge
THREE 3 foot 1×2
TWO 3 foot 1×2 with 30 degree edge
TWO 9″ 1×2 *
TWO 26″ 1×2 with 30 degree edge
ONE 21″ 1×2 with 30 degree edge *
(*1 inch overhang from the trim on the shelves makes this have to be shorter, you can assemble the trim for the 3 foot sections and roof first and measure before making these cuts)

1. Like with any project you’ll want to measure and cut. Measure like ten times before you cut, and measure again right before you cut. I seriously measure everything so many times before I make a cut because once it’s made, it’s made, and I really try to have as little scrap/wasted wood from my projects. So I pretty much get exactly what I need so there isn’t really any room for mistakes.

2. Assemble bottom shelf, middle shelf, and dividing walls.

3. Add top shelf, sides of the dollhouse on, and put the peak of the roof together.

4. Add roof to the top, and nail in the dividing wall on the top shelf.

5. Attach the 1×2 pieces to the front making them flush with the shelves so there is a smooth surface.

6. Use wood filler to fill in any holes from nails, imperfections in the wood, and use caulking to fill in the seams to give a smooth finish.

7. Sand everything down and make everything smooth.

8. Paint and finish!

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