Why You Might Not Be Reaching Your Fitness Goals

I know it can be so frustrating when working toward fitness goals and it feels like nothing is happening. This unfortunately happens to so many people, its happened to me in the past, and a lot of my friends. It doesn’t have to be frustrating though, and I want to show you a few things that might be holding you back and how to fix or change what you’re doing to get to your goals more easily.

  1. You aren’t following a program. So many people think programs are overrated, I use to feel the same way. I also didn’t make a whole lot of progress physically when I just did random workouts from YouTube or Pinterest. They were free so why would I pay for workout programs? Heres why you should consider it. Programs that you PAY for give you what you pay for. A thought out program that is designed with a goal in mind. A well developed program will build on itself and work progressions into it adding more intensity each week. It will also promote overall/total body growth and change. The main goal might be a bigger butt, toned arms, or a strong core but no matter what your goal is you’ll want to be training everything so you get the overall athletic/fit/”toned” look you’re working toward. The other amazing thing about a program: you don’t have to think of what to do every day you have a laid out plan that tells you what to do. I have all of my clients follow programs, the same ones that I follow, to help them get the most out of their training and be able to more easily reach their goals. (apply for one on one coaching here)
  2. You’re eating too much of the healthy food. Yep you read that right, you can gain weight or stay the same by eating too much of the good stuff. I by no means promote deprivation, but in order to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. Thats just the science behind it. You can use different approaches to help achieve that, but thats just it. You aren’t in a calorie deficit so you aren’t losing. One way I like to check for this is to recalculate my numbers. I follow a very loose approach to macros, and teach the same approach to my clients so when they feel stuck I have them recalculate, measure, and track their food for a couple of weeks so they can see where they were doing too much. Nutrition is a TOOL and I believe the more you know the more empowered you can be to make choices that can help you reach your goals, and make adjustments that can help you accelerate your results safely. The speed at which you reach your goals can be up to you. If you’re not in a rush follow 80/20 rule if you want to lose for an event thats coming up follow 90/10 rule. (get access to the same nutrition plan I follow and teach here)
  3. You’re restricting yourself. This can be so detrimental to your progress. If you are giving yourself rules around food and categorizing things as “off limits” or “bad” you are setting yourself up for failure. Unless you are allergic or you have an intolerance to something you CAN eat it despite popular belief. We are more likely to want things we can’t have, so when you tell yourself you can’t have something you start to obsess over it, and maybe you’ll go a week or two not having those treats but when you do you binge and you start this vicious cycle of underrating and overeating which can really hinder your success. Try thinking about things in a weekly sense instead of daily. If you’re eating 5x a day thats 35 meals a day to get the 80/20 goal you can literally have a treat EVERY DAY! That makes it so much easier to handle and a lot less intimidating.

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