Home Gym Equipment You Need

It’s not secret that home workouts are becoming more popular since 2020, and I’m here for it. I’ve been doing home workouts since 2017 and have loved every minute of it. No more germs at the gym, no more creepy dudes staring at me, and I can workout as soon as I’m ready and not have to waste any time commuting to and from the gym. The most common question I get though about this is what equipment do you have at home or need to get a good workout? Really you don’t need much, aside from having a light, medium, and heavy set of dumbbells you don’t need anything fancy or crazy expensive. I put together a list of my four must haves that make my workouts at home work for me, and I think this list will surprise you.

Have a good set of resistance bands with different resistance levels or weight. You want a good set with handles that are interchangeable as well, it give you more diversity and helps you maximize your workouts.
You’ll want a core ball. I just recently started using a core ball in my workouts and let me tell you it really makes activating your pelvic floor and ab exercises in general that much better!
Exercise step. You can use it in place of a bench at the gym, but mostly I use it as a way to intensify my workouts overall and change up my cardio.
Yoga mat. Along with having it for yoga, it’s also nice to have a clean space that is cushioned so you’re not just laying down on your carpet, and can also add some cushion if you’re doing any plyometric type exercises.

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