How to Start a Fitness Routine

Being a newbie in the fitness world can be extremely overwhelming. Between different diet approaches, different training styles, quick fix ideas, and supplement information it can be a lot and is often why so many people give up or don’t even start. Whenever I’m speaking with someone who is wanting to start these are all too often their fears, and the biggest one is not knowing where to start. My best advice keep it simple. Find things that FIT your lifestyle and goals. Don’t just do whatever Becky from high school is doing. Make sure what you start is something that fits you and that you can continue to show up doing. How do you do that? Here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Recognize your why. Make it a good one that goes past the typical 10 pound weight loss goal. My why is tied to my children and making sure that I can always keep up with them, and model healthy habits to them.
  2. Start small. Start with one thing. If your goal is to lose weight (which is different from having a strong why) try refocusing that to something like wanting to move your body 4-6 days a week. Start with 30 minutes, go for a walk daily, doing some body weight plyometrics, and have a plan laid out for what to do next. Too many people try to overhaul their whole life all at once and this leads to burn out so quickly. Start with one thing at a time, know when you’re going to add the next step, and take it one day at a time. One way to really help with this step is working with a coach that can help you map that out.
  3. Think long term goals. Think long term, think lifestyle over 6 weeks. It’s great to set mini goals along the way, but you’re not starting this to stop after 6 weeks. You’re starting this journey because you want longterm success with your fitness and health. I like to break up my goals into smaller more digestible tasks, but I always keep in mind that this is a lifestyle so if I miss a couple days of workouts it’s not detrimental to my success. When you’re hyper focused on a 6 week goal it can be easy to feel like you failed if you missed a couple of workouts.
  4. Start where you are. Don’t let the fact that other people are further along than you are dim your excitement. Don’t let other people’s success make you feel like there isn’t any left for you. Look to other people as proof that it CAN happen and they’re proof, but don’t forget that you cannot compare your chapter 1 to their chapter 20. Just start where you are, everyone starts as a beginner so embrace that and ask for any help that you need. If you don’t know how to do a certain exercise ask someone around you and they’re more than likely to help. If you don’t know how to build a routine get help from a professional. ( to get one on one coaching with me CLICK HERE)
  5. Make sure you have fun. If you aren’t enjoying your workouts chances are you won’t keep showing up. It’s a hard fact to face, but it’s an easy one to fix. There have been countless programs that I’ve stopped because I wasn’t enjoying them or they just weren’t my cup of tea. There’s no shame in trying something different to make sure you actually look forward to your workouts every day. You won’t always be motivated, you won’t always be super stoked about doing a workout, but the more you enjoy what you’re doing the more likely you are to keep going.

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