How to Set Your New Year Goals

Setting New Year goals, words, affirmations, etc. can feel overwhelming. Everyone is doing it and maybe what everyone else is doing doesn’t feel right for you. That girl from high school is starting a new diet, that blogger you follow just bought a Peloton and wants to ride daily, your sister in law wants to run a half marathon, and you just want the new year to be better than this one. How can you write out goals that are going to help you with that, and don’t revolve around weight loss or dieting? Because we have to remember: being smaller doesn’t equal being happier and eating only “clean” food doesn’t make you better. Here are some ideas that you can strive to do that aren’t tied to weight loss or dieting:

  1. Pick up a meditation practice: I’m actually going to start Gabby Bernstein’s 21 Day Manifesting Challenge. You can find that here.
  2. Drink more water. The suggested amount you should drink to stay hydrated is half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 160 pounds your daily water goal should be 80 ounces.
  3. Start a new workout style. Reminder NOT to lose weight, but to try something new and fun. If you don’t like the first one you try keep going until you do find something you like.
  4. Start a new hobby. Start that hobby you always think about starting and always talk yourself out of doing. I like DIY projects and although I did one big one in 2020 I want to do more of this in 2021.
  5. Start that blog, side hustle, or sharing on Instagram. This goes hand in hand with the hobby thing, but takes it a little further. If you’re starting that new fitness journey, trying to find a workout style you like, picking up a new hobby, or simply want to get into sharing on social media DO IT! There is nothing that has given me more freedom in my life than that leap I took starting my online coaching business in Network Marketing.

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