Your Guide to Success in the New Year

It’s that weird time of the year where we’re in between all of the holidays, and still trying to juggle our health related goals and life. Do we wait until January 1st to kick it back into gear? Or do we just pick a random day and start? I say start today, there is nothing special about January 1st. I do like a fresh start feel, but every day is a new day that can give you that fresh start. Just make the decision that today is the day. Nothing special happens January 1st, theres no magic dust in the air, there isn’t magically a cheerleader that shows up on your doorstep. The only difference is the new date on the calendar.

If you do decide to wait until January 1st, thats great, but get yourself in the right mindset now. Write down your goals, make the vision board, and really dig deep into why you want to make the changes you are that way you have something to look back to on the hard days. Motivation only lasts so long, maybe a week or two, it’s almost like the honeymoon stage of setting goals. You go in excited, motivated, and ready to get after it. After that wears off though it can get hard. It can be hard to wake up earlier, choose the healthier meals, and often results in burnout and giving up or quitting altogether. How do we avoid this though? Year after year I have so many women start their fitness journeys in January, and by February they’re literal ghosts. Even with my one on one coaching and all the tips that I’ll even share here, ultimately it’s up to you, and mindset is where it starts.

  1. Ease Into It: Don’t try to take on too much all at once. This is where I really believe burnout comes from. When we try to change too many things at once, we get overwhelmed and give up before you we even really had a chance to start.
  2. Pick One Thing: Choose just one thing to start with whether that be nutrition, workouts, or adding something small this will help you build up to the total lifestyle change.
  3. Start a Routine: Implementing a solid routine that is easily doable every day, makes the daily habits you’re trying to change easier to follow through with. (My simple routine can be found here)
  4. Plug Into a Support System: I’ve experienced the difference in having a support system vs. not having a support system first hand. You will be wildly more successful when you have other people doing something with you. Having a support system like my Vibrantly You Community with others that are on the same journey as you, showing up with you, and cheering each other on adds so much value to the process and really offers that extra bit of support you never knew you needed.
  5. Allow Balance: Whatever you do, don’t have an all in or out approach. That is not a sustainable way to live. Sure you can eat “perfectly” for six weeks, but what happens after that? Do you just go back to what you were doing before? That will only get you right back to where you started. You need to find an approach that works for your lifestyle, but also helps you reach your goals. Which is why I love the simple macro based approach that I teach in my bootcamps. For every day life tracking is simple, and most times not something you have to overthink. When you want to accelerate your progress you can follow your numbers more closely and make tweaks to the foods you eat, but either way you will reach your goals and be able to enjoy the food you’re eating.

To get access to my bootcamps, meal plans, and nutrition guides fill out this form here and you will hear back from me within 24 hours.

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