Resistance Loop Leg Workout

You know I love me a good resistance loop workout. It really brings in that fun factor to workouts for me. I get to be creative, AND show you how you can still reach your fitness goals with minimal equipment. Fun Fact: you don’t need a big fancy gym with endless amounts of fancy equipment to reach your goals. You really just need your body, and a really good coach to help you maximize the things you already have. My must haves for my home gym set up: resistance loops (different sizes), resistance bands with handles, my Bowflex Adjustable weights, and a step.

Today I want to share a high volume workout with you. Since these are all done with a resistance loop, you’ll want to either increase your sets or your reps depending on your endurance. I wouldn’t recommend doing any less than 12 reps per set though. You want to feel the burn, especially in that last set. If you don’t, up your reps, get lower in your squats, really focus on activating the muscles.

Body Weight Squats 3×15

Deadlifts w/Long Loop OR With Short Loop 3×15

Side to Side Squats w/Loop 3×16

Crab Walks 3×16

Quad Ped Hamstring Curl 3×15

Glute Bridge 3×15

Glute Bridge Abduction 3×15

Standing Kickback 3×15

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