Vision Board 2021

This goes back to my post on manifesting your life, having a solid clear vision of what you want out of life is so important. I use vision boarding for that. I don’t like putting crazy hard time lines on myself when it comes to setting goals, and I leave things off of the board that I know are going to happen. For example 2021 we are planning our family trip to Disneyland, will be booking flights to Hawaii, and getting down to the nitty gritty Europe trip I’ve been dreaming of going on for years. I know all of that WILL happen because it’s already planned to happen. I don’t need to add it to the vision board.

Things I will be including: financial freedom- pay off debts, build our savings, scale my business, get 10,000 blog views, etc. Include things that INSPIRE you. Use imagery, words, motivational quotes, whatever it is that gets you excited for life. I like to use my vision board as a way to start planning for the year.

What are the short term goals? Long term? And work from there. I don’t see it as a “New Year Resolution” but more as a these are the things that are next on my list of goals I want to accomplish and once I check these off I’ll add more. Whether that happens in the year 2021 or takes a little longer that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the efforts I put toward reaching those goals.

Goal Setting 101:
> Set Meaningful Goals: Set goals that get you excited and have a deeper purpose to them.
> Set Mini Goals: When working toward a big goal lay out the smaller ones that are going to help you reach the bigger goal.
> Make A Visual Reminder: Like I did above you can make a digital vision board, or a physical one. You can print out pictures, find images from magazines, or quotes that inspire you but that also have a purpose and represent your goals.
> Take Your Time: When setting goals make sure to set a realistic timeline. Whether you’re setting a weight loss goal, financial goal, or business building goal make sure you understand how long those goals will really take you. You can apply pressure by setting a slightly shorter timeline for yourself, but keep in mind that a missed date isn’t a failed goal.
> Don’t Take on Too Much: It’s in our nature to want to go full steam ahead when we start out working on a goal, but taking on too much too soon can result in burnout and feeling overwhelmed. Especially when it comes to weight loss goals we tend to change too many things at once. Instead look at your mini goals list and work on those things. That’s what the mini goal list is for, those small actions add up and get you where you’re going.

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