Staying Motivated

How do you stay motivated? How do you keep showing up? When things get hard how do you continue to choose to keep up with your workout routine? When a global pandemic and nationwide shutdowns happen that includes the closure of gyms, how do you stay motivated? When you don’t have events, trips, etc. to look forward to and you’re spending most days in sweats, leggings, and oversized t-shirts how do you continue to work on body goals?

You have to tie your motivation to something other than physical changes with your body. It is okay to have body goals though, you can want to change things, lose weight, build muscle, etc. but don’t have only those things be what motivate you to show up. For started motivation can’t be what gets you to show up anyway, it’s a feeling, feelings are fleeting and I’ll be the first to say I don’t always feel motivated. So I have other things that I show up for that don’t depend on me being motivated or not. First and foremost I show up every day for ME. It’s a huge stress reliever, helps my anxiety, gives me energy, builds my confidence, and overall just makes me a happier person. Those reasons alone are enough to keep me showing up every day, but even more than that I show up so that my children can see and know that its healthy to workout every day and give time to yourself. I show up to show my children that an active lifestyle is good for you and it doesn’t have to be tied to your physical appearance.

One of the ways I’ve really been able to make this shift is by aiming for overall health. I look at every part of my life and see how this one small thing I’m doing affects everything. When I show up for myself and give those 30 minutes in the morning that positive energy really does seep into the rest of my day, my relationships, my effort, my attitude, everything. I really believe that when you start to see the change in every part of your life it makes it easier to show up for yourself. It becomes a habit, and just part of who you are. You’re not chasing abs, sweating for the wedding, or getting shredded for bikini season you’re leading a healthy lifestyle in all seasons. That looks extremely different for everyone and there will be seasons in your life where it looks different than it did before none of that matters as long as you are showing up in a way that makes the most sense for you.

When you do that, it’s easy to stay motivated.

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