Transparency on Social Media

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me talk about a certain energy bar that has been making a wave on social media, and created a lot of hype. So, as an avid shopper and a frequent swipe up type of person I ordered some, they were not good. They were horrible. This ruined some credibility of quite a few bloggers that I follow won social media. Long story short, there are many other snacks that I would store in my purse as a pick me up than those energy bars.

When it comes to transparency on social media, there can’t be anything more important. When you can’t actually meet someone in person and rely heavily on how honest someone is based on products you try that they recommend. I don’t like giving negative reviews on products, typically if I don’t like something I just don’t say anything. When I love something I shout it from the rooftops.

Before I got in to blogging and using my social media to help build my business I had no idea how things worked. I knew bloggers got paid to share things, but didn’t realize how much of what they share is a partnership. The transparency behind that is definitely lacking. It would be nice to know if something was sponsored etc. beforehand. I like sharing right when I get things in if it’s part of a sponsorship or partnership and let you know that I’ll be testing it out and report back on my thoughts. I feel like that offers that level of transparency so that people can see how long I actually used something before giving my review. Those that are just starting out in the blogging industry or getting into the realm of influencer on social media, I challenge you to fight the status quo and be more transparent/open about the partnerships you participate in.

The women that I mentor ask how to start out, grow, and be trustworthy. It’s really not that hard, I ask them “What are things you wish you saw from the accounts you follow?” and go from there. If there is something that you wish was shared more of then do that yourself. Be the person who shares the behind the scenes work, has openhonest conversations, and is what you wish you saw more of.

Ways You Can Be More Transparent On Social Media:

  1. Be Yourself: There is only one you. That is your superpower don’t try to be like everyone else on social. Set yourself apart by being authentic.
  2. Share the Behind the Scenes: With some collaborations you can’t share specific details until a certain date, but there are ways to tease what you’re doing. There are ways to share what you’re working on without sharing too much, and this lets people see that you have been working with a company for a minute, and that you are excited about it as well! Share when you get a product in that you will be testing out and reviewing later. If its gifted/sponsored/paid don’t just show up one day with a random post without any context. That really leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths and tarnishes your credibility.
  3. Only Share the Things You Love: Whether it’s something you’ve been using for a long time or something that you were recently introduced to through that campaign only share it if you actually like the product. Make sure to let the company you are working with know that you will only share with your following if you like the product after using it. This is so important because if/when people purchase something using your code or swiping up and it ends up being a crap product it can hurt your future success in collaborations.
  4. Engage: Get in your DM’s! You might feel like you don’t have the time, but are you getting thousands of DM’s/day? If not get in there and answer peoples questions. Talk with them, get to know them, and create those authentic relationships. I cannot stress how important this is. Ask in a public format what your followers want to see more of. Collaborations they’d like to see. Efforts they’d like to see from you. What kind of things do they wish influencers shared more of. Sharing the things that they want to see is how you get their trust and you become their one stop shop for advice.
  5. Have Fun: Have fun doing it! If something isn’t fun for you, or gives you anxiety to talk about and share; don’t do it. There really isn’t much to this one, but people can feel your enthusiasm and if it’s authentic. Keep it authentic, keep it real, keep it honest, and I promise you’ll attract the right type of people for you.

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