Quick Fix Diet Plans…

This is going to be a rant. I don’t know where else to put this. I am very irritated, because someone had the audacity to comment on one of my posts highlighting the struggles of losing weight postpartum and how it takes longer than we’re led to believe that I was just doing it wrong. We’re told that the weight will just fall off because we’re breastfeeding. Oh you were active you’ll snap back no problem. And so on. This is all crap. I know this, and so many other women hundreds even thousands of women know this truth: it is HARD AS FUCK to lose weight after having a baby. Between sleep deprivation, finding time to cook, finding time to workout, and also finding time to take care of the tiny human demanding all of your attention it’s HARD. I know from experience though that the 30 minutes 4-6 days a week, and the extra planning of real meals does help me have more energy and be more effective at giving more of my time and energy to my kids. I’ve seen this happen for hundreds of other women too.

This is the photo I shared showing my 15 month postpartum progress after having Emilia.

Back to the comment that was left. This girl told me that if only I had followed the proper nutrition I would have lost the weight in 4 months or less just like she did. She was “impressed” that I was able to accomplish my weight loss goals without a program basically “doing the work for me” and continued on to say “it’s a magical program lol”<– her exact words. So, I did some digging because I wanted to know what exactly it was that she was doing that was so “magical”. Turns out it’s a crap diet that targets women who are insecure, and sets them up with unattainable eating habits. Have you heard of Optavia? Neither had I, turns out it was recently called Medifast but had a recent name change. After doing a little research it turns out this diet is a pre-packaged, processed food, and snack bar meal plan. People who follow this diet plan eat what are called “feelings” which are POWDERED MEALS that they add water too, “lean and green” meals that are three servings of veggies and one of a lean meat, and have snack bars all of which make of six mini meals that they eat through out the day. They are not allowed to eat sugar, chocolate, have alcohol, and no butter. The company also says that you cannot fall off of your plan at all or you will stop losing weight. WHAT?! So you have to follow this crazy ass, strict as fuck, mess up your relationship with food diet 100% perfectly all the time or you won’t lose weight.


As someone who obsessed over every bite I took, followed strict meal plans, and felt like a failure far too many times for “falling off track” these kind of diets and really diets in general make me sick. We’re really out here in 2020 still trying to sell quick weight loss diets? Sure you might lose the weight fast, but what happens when you start eating normal food again that doesn’t have “add water” as a prep direction? What happens when you go to your best friends wedding and decide to have some cake? What happens when you have a family bbq and want to enjoy the actual food there? None of what that diet promotes is healthy. It does not promote proper nutrition, and certainly doesn’t set you up to live a healthy lifestyle.

I promise you that you can have ice cream (I do EVERY night lately), eat some cookies, enjoy the bbq food, and still reach your goals. When we know more about how to fuel our bodies, proper portions, and basic macro nutrients we can start to manage our relationship with food so much better and actually heal it. If I can do it, I know you can too. Please, please, please, stop buying in to fad diets, diet culture, and predatory marketing from diet companies. They aren’t there to actually help you, they make money off the fact that their programs aren’t sustainable long term. They bank on the fact that you’ll keep needing to come back after you gain the weight. They want you to need them. They want you to be frustrated and confused. If they aren’t offering you knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle then they aren’t there to help you, and don’t deserve your money.

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