Amazon Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Need

So I was browsing through Amazon and found these dip cup clips and that turned in to a whole spiral of searching for items I never knew I needed. This list is literally the most random list of things I’ve ever put together, but I have ordered many of these things recently and love the shit out of them.
**You can click each image for product page**

  1. Dip Clip Cups: I do not have these ones yet, but trust and believe I think these will be such a game changer for the kids and their dip not mixing with their food.

2. Motion Sensor Toilet Light: Game changing for middle of the night bathroom visits. Also potty training just got way more fun.

3. Mini Ice Cube Tray: Drinks just got a lot more fun. Small ice cubes are the absolute best, and recently Emilia has picked up the habit of eating ice which was the main motivator behind purchasing this gadget for our home.

4. Poo-Pourri: Idk about you, but this is something I’m really excited to use and see how well it works. For someone who has a toddler that tears the bathroom apart and has to keep the door shut smells tend to stay behind a little longer than normal. If this really kicks that stink out, I’m 100% down.

5. Zip Top Storage Containers: We are always struggling to find matching lids to our tupperware, and honestly it’s so annoying. These are the PERFECT solution to that problem, no lids needed!

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