Going Through the Motions

To the girl going through the motions, checking things off your list, trying to do things the ‘right’ way, and wondering when the passion for your career path will come I see you, I was you.

I did what I was supposed to, graduated college with honors, got a pretty legit job as an athletic trainer, and still didn’t feel excited or fulfilled about what I was doing. It was the dream, and I figured the lack of enthusiasm was just how it was for everyone. “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” seemed like an impossible far fetched idea, only for the ‘lucky’ ones. The thing is you can be one of those ‘lucky’ ones. You just have to take that risk and leap into that idea you’ve been toying with.

It’s okay to step away from the traditional route, take some risks, and run with them. It’s okay if people doubt you, you will prove them wrong anyway. It’s okay to feel scared, that means it’s something you really want to work out. Too many times our ego gets in the way of us living our full potential and taking risks because it’s trying to protect us from potential judgement, doubt, or failure. How will you know if those things will happen though unless you try? The judgement and doubt will come no matter what you do with your life, and the only true failure is throwing your hands up and giving up. Every failure I’ve experienced has been a learning experience. I know that sounds cliche, but truly every time something doesn’t work out it just gives me more insight to find what will work.

I think about all the time I let pass staying on the traditional path and watching others take risks and take control of their lives. I think about all that time I sat around and watched while wanting what they had so desperately for myself. Being so insecure with myself that I couldn’t even handle the thought of judgement from others. When I finally picked up a personal development book it transformed my life, helped me see that really negativity coming from another person is a projection of their insecurities and doesn’t have anything to do with me. I can only imagine where I’d be now if I had just taken my ideas then and ran with them. If you’re thinking about starting that side gig, that Etsy shop, that blog, or that business opportunity don’t think on it anymore. Get going. For me, time thinking was time wasted, so take action and stop thinking about it.

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