Does Manifesting Work?

Okay hear me out here. I used to think manifesting your dreams, or really anything was silly, but the more I started to understand it and actually implement this approach it made more sense. For me if I don’t have a goal in mind it makes it harder to keep showing up. The days that things get extra hard or I’m feeling discouraged I look to my vision board and make edits based on what I’ve already accomplished and what has changed in the goals I have set.

The trick to making this vision board and manifesting your goals, is to think about things that aren’t a guarantee. If you know you’re going on a trip to Hawaii because it’s already planned don’t put that on your vision board, put that on your board of things you’ve accomplished already. If you want to plan a tour of Europe but don’t know when or how you’ll make it happen put that on your vision board. Now you have something to work toward! Find something that is really going to push you and make you want to show up daily with excitement. I have some pretty wild dreams, but they motivate the heck out of me. I want to retire my husband early, and you bet your bottom on the really hard days when I don’t feel like showing up this one goal keeps me showing up anyway. I can’t wait for the day where he doesn’t have to wake up at 4 AM to go clock in and work in a factory. So I work my butt off to make it happen.

How do we take action though? If you have a 9-5, which most of us with this question do, how do I start? Where do I start? Most 9-5’s require climbing the corporate ladder and while that is a great career path it doesn’t make sense for everyone and doesn’t always merit the income to actually build that dream life you’re thinking of. Entrepreneurship is where its at. Look for opportunities, the universe is literally throwing them at you daily, you just have to be open to receiving them. For the longest time I was shut off to the idea of working in a MLM business, I didn’t believe I could be good at it, I didn’t understand how you made a livable income, I thought you had to get in early, be lucky, and it wasn’t a real job anyway. I was so wrong about everything. (I have a whole page/video on what I do and how you can join my team here.) Once I was willing to take advantage of the opportunity that was literally screaming in my face, my whole life changed. I started working on inner growth, I started building authentic relationships with other women, changing from the inside out, and really reaching my full potential. At first I didn’t really see the possibility that was there for me, but over time I started to see the potential of this business and really work for it.

This all comes back to manifesting and having something to work toward. If you start a side hustle, open that Etsy shop, or start that blog and work on those things in the after hours imagine what could happen long term! Instead of thinking what if it doesn’t work, ask yourself what if it does? The answer to that question will be the things you put on your vision board. You won’t have that newly excitement every day or be motivated to jump out of bed and start working on that project. When you have something really worth fighting for though you will push through those days. Eventually the day to day actions will add up and you just might surprise yourself with what you’re capable of doing.

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