Week One Post Op Recovery Plan

Like I mentioned last week my post op recovery is going to be slow, and I will be taking safety precautions to ensure that I’m able to get back to full intensity workouts quicker. That sounds weird right? Take your time and go slow so you can get back to it faster. Here’s the theory if you go too hard too soon you can set yourself back even further by causing injury. So we have to focus on long term here. Long term I want to be back to full intensity workouts by December so that I can start prepping for January where my plan is to really go ham with a new 9 week program I’ll be doing. I wanted to start already, but you know surgery kind of messed with my plans. (Doesn’t mean you can’t start though *wink, wink*)

So here’s my pelvic floor workout that I’ll be doing this week, and yes I will be doing the same sequence every day this week and then next week I will take the intensity up a notch.

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