This is 29

This is 29. Two kids and sharing it all with my best friend. When I was 18 I thought by now I’d be working in my self owned physical therapy office fresh out of grad school. Boy are things different. Funny how life rarely goes as planned, but always brings you the things you need most.

I never thought stay at home working mom was the path I’d be on, but here I am and it’s the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. Not only do I get to raise my babies and be with them every moment, but I also have a business that I’ve built that fulfills me and allows me to be home with my babies. I’ve built remarkable relationships with women all over the country and world. Not many job opportunities allow for that. Showing up on social media and sharing my life so openly was never something I thought I could do. Surprisingly though I love it and I’m actually pretty good at it.

Looking back there are things I wish my younger self would have known, and maybe sharing these tips can help you somehow.

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: The little things that are stressing you out right now, won’t matter five years from now. Take that in to consideration when you’re upset or feeling stressed. Will this matter 5 years from now?1 year? 1 month? If the answer is no, take a deep breath and roll with it.
  • Be flexible with your goals: Have goals, and vision for your life, but be flexible in how you’re going to achieve those things. For the longest time the only choice for me was college, grad school, physical therapist, get married, have kids, open my own practice, and live happily ever after. Obviously my life did not turn out that way, and boy am I glad about that. I’m still on a path that will get me that dream house in San Diego, vacation home in Florida, and the life I’ve created on vision boards. The means of how I’m getting there is much different than I had visioned even 5 years ago. BE FLEXIBLE!
  • Take risks: That opportunity you see and are a little unsure about it, but wildly interested in? TAKE IT! You’ll never know how things could be unless you go for it. Start that blog. Start the business. Take the chance on yourself. Life is way too short to always take the safe way through. If you want an extraordinary life you have to be willing to take extraordinary action.
  • Read personal development books: Seriously. After I picked up my first personal development book my whole world changed. I fell in to this confidence I had never felt before. It made me realize how some behaviors of mine, habits, etc were a straight up reflection of the deep insecurities and lack of confidence that I had. I needed to work on those things if I was ever going to be better and do better. “Self help” books aren’t for the weepy, sad lady you often see portrayed in movies. These books are VITAL to every person out there and can help you unlock your fullest potential. My favorite book to date is You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero
  • Stop over analyzing your every move: No one is paying as much attention as you think they are. People’s opinions of you don’t matter, so don’t worry about it. Are you happy? Are you trying to do good? Are you growing? Are you kind? Are you spreading positivity? Are you staying grounded? Then don’t worry about what other people are or aren’t going to say. And another big one: over analyzing usually leads to inaction because you’re so worried and over planning/over thinking that you end up with overanalyist-paralysis. It’s a real thing and it gets in the way of you living your big, bold, beautiful life.
  • Don’t hold back: Stop making yourself smaller because it makes other people uncomfortable. That’s their issue, not yours. That sounds harsh, but really. If you’re happy and fulfilled and you have friends that are bitter about it, they aren’t a true friend. If your group of friends aren’t just as excited for you about your successes as you are get new friends. Your circle should be lifting you up, not holding you back.

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