Recovering From the Holidays

I know we’re still in the middle of the holiday season, but I wanted to share my top tips on getting back on track after a big holiday dinner. It can feel hard, but really you just pick right back up where you left off. Don’t skip meals or treat your workout as a punishment for splurging the day before. Just get back on your routine and you’ll be much happier for it.

  1. Don’t punish yourself. There are so many times in the past that I would skip meals to “make up” for the food I ate the day before. This would often lead to binging later and feeling guilty for splurging the day before and binging. Another thing I often thought I needed to do was extra cardio or an extra hard workout to “work off” what I ate the day before, and this often led me to resent my workouts and feel sluggish throughout. If the day after isn’t a regular training day, don’t worry about it. If it is use the extra carbs to FUEL your workout and help your workout. Think of it as carb loading or carb cycling and all the frustration or guilt you feel about eating the food the day before should go away.
  2. Pick up where you left off. If it’s supposed to be a rest day for you, take your rest day. If you normally do get a workout in that day, do a workout and keep tip number one in mind. Don’t worry about doubling up your workouts if you skipped the day before and don’t worry about “making it up” later on the weekend.
  3. Remember that one day won’t set you back. Just like one day of eating salads, working out, and working toward a healthy lifestyle won’t get you results over night having one day where you don’t think about your meal plan won’t undo all of your progress either.

When working with my one on one clients mindset is the number one thing we work on. Why? Because mindset is where all the magic happens. You can be eating all the right foods, doing the workouts, but if you don’t change the way you think about health and fitness you’ll never get the long term change you crave. One on one coaching doesn’t have to be expensive either. When enrolling for my coaching you get access to my workout library with thousands of workouts, customized meal planning, mindset coaching, exclusive recipes, first month of supplements, and a shaker cup for a one time fee of $140 (only available November 2020). Access to application can be found here.

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