Training Plan Post-Op

I have been instructed by my surgeon to not workout for two weeks, and have a 10 pound lifting limit for those two weeks as well. Overall she said that my recovery should take about 4 weeks. Honestly after five days I’m feeling really great. Still pretty sore, but I’m thinking I’ll be able to slowly start getting back into some kind of exercise by next Monday. In order to do that successfully and safely I will speak with my doctor before starting, but this is my contingent plan which will be very similar to how I started workouts when I was cleared postpartum to start working out again. I’ll be focusing on rebuilding core strength slowly, and building my endurance back up again.

So here’s the plan:
Week 1: Pelvic Floor exercises daily plus our afternoon family walk.
Week 2: Pelvic Floor exercises daily, 30 minutes modified workouts, and all cardio will be our afternoon family walk.
Week 3: Pelvic Floor exercises daily, 30-40 minute workouts, and our afternoon family walks
Week 4: Pelvic Floor exercises daily, 30-40 minute workouts + low impact HIIT cardio, and our afternoon family walk

As you can see throughout my entire plan I’ll be doing lots of pelvic floor work and nowhere did I saw “abs”. Our pelvic floor is what supports our abdominal muscles and is far more important in building a strong core than doing a million variations of crunches. I’ll be sharing the sequence I do daily on my Instagram Stories. I’ll also be sharing clips from my daily workouts, and always clue you in on our family walks. We walk anywhere between 1.5-2.5 miles just depending on which route we take and any time restraints we have for the afternoon. Especially with it getting darker earlier our walks are leaning toward the shorter side lately.

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