Is This Really the Best Time of the Year?

I have been referring to November and December really being the best time of the year for goal setting and reaching. So many people see it as the exact opposite. People tend to throw their hands up around this time of year and say oh well to any goals that didn’t get accomplished in the year. They tell themselves that they can start over in the new year. I see this as a huge mistake and a lot of missed opportunity. Think about it. You’re really going to let two whole months go by where you don’t work toward any goals? Thats so much wasted potential.

I’m not saying you have to work harder than ever, although why not? I’m not saying to burnout before the new year even gets here, because let’s face it thats what usually results in us giving up on our goals in the first place. What I mean is it’s the perfect time to sit down write out your goals that you didn’t accomplish and rethink how to approach them. Use this time to start on those things NOW so that you can already be on your way to accomplishing them in the new year and feeling so great when you do! How awesome would that be to say “I want to accomplish x, y, and z” and do it all within the first quarter?! It will feel so much more amazing and exciting because it gets done in the beginning of the year, and all because you decided to start now instead of waiting.

I’m curious, what are some ways you’re using the end of this year to jumpstart your goals in 2021? In my bonus post on Saturday I’ll share some of my favorite tools that help me plan, stay organized, and stay on task with my goals.

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