Reasons I Workout at Home

As a former critic of home workouts I hope you can trust me when I say it’s the best decision I ever made, and the approach I never knew I needed. I used to LIVE in the gym and truly believed there was no way you could get a good workout in at home if you didn’t have a fully furnished home gym. And who really has that?? It’s crazy expensive and unrealistic. So, going to the gym is the only answer right? WRONG!

  1. No Creepers: Seriously the number of times I’ve been awkwardly approached, stared at, or made to feel uncomfortable in the gym are countless. I know this is a “people problem” and not necessarily a “gym problem”, but it’s the reality of being a girl and attempting to do any glute exercise in a gym full of meatheads. In the comfort of my own home I don’t have to worry about creepy dudes staring at my butt or making me feel uncomfortable with their unwanted comments.
  2. Convenience: I started working out at home while I was pregnant with Nicholas. During pregnancy you need to take advantage of the energy you have when you have it and that could seriously pass in the time it takes to get ready and go to the gym. With my home workouts I was able to get dressed, or stay in my cozies, and get my workout done immediately. Now as a mom of two this convenience factor is appreciated even more. But how you ask? NAPTIME! As soon as I get Emilia down for a nap and Nicholas set up with his quiet time activity I can press play on my workout and get it done. I also don’t need to worry about child care while I am at the gym- which is a premium feature at traditional gyms. As far as a gym membership goes I just see a ton of dollar signs.
  3. Affordability: Especially in COVID-19 times budget friendly options are needed, and as far as gym memberships go they are not. Most require at least a year contract at $25/month, and if you get the month to month option the bottom line starts even higher. If you want to take extra classes like a barre class, pilates, kickboxing, spin class, yoga, etc. you have to pay a fee for the class and I’ve seen those classes start as high as $30. They want you to pay that ON TOP of your gym membership. Some gyms have extra ammenities like the pool, sauna, tanning beds, massage chairs, etc. and if you want those premium options you have to pay a premium price. My year membership to my workouts is $99/YEAR that equals $8.25 per month. I get access to thousands of workouts that include barre classes, yoga, kickboxing, shadow boxing, zumba, line dancing, circuit training, etc. and of course your traditional weight training workouts. You can upgrade your package for $60 and get a month supply of supplements and access to TWO nutrition courses, a cookbook, fun recipes, and a coach to help you one on one. Definitely not something you get included at the gym, even when you pay for the premium memberships.
  4. Cleanliness: Gyms are DIRTY, and don’t come at me with the “people wipe down the equipment”. Have you ever been to a gym where everyone wipes the equipment down after they use it? I sure haven’t. I know people may be a little more conscious now with COVID-19, but that’s bound to stop and people will fall back into their lazy habits. I used to be a personal trainer and worked in a gym. I seriously felt like I was the only one who ever wiped down the equipment how it was supposed to be wiped down and as often as it was supposed to be wiped down. When I’m at home I know when my stuff was cleaned last, who’s been using it, and honestly just have stayed healthier all around.
  5. Setting an Example: The days and times I do workout while my kids are awake I’m able to SHOW them what healthy movement looks like. They learn so much from us, and what better way for them to learn that it’s healthy and important to move our bodies daily?
My postpartum results from working out at home

This whole post is pretty biased sounding so here are a few points of why working out at the gym is great:

  1. Equipment: Even though you don’t need all of the fancy equipment to get results it is fun to try new things.
  2. Environment: I won’t lie it is hard somedays to go from sitting on the couch to working out in the same minute. The gym atmosphere does do something for your motivation, sometimes. Honestly though motivation comes from within and remember it is a FEELING and feelings are fleeting. You can’t depend on motivation you have to depend on habits and discipline.
  3. Community: So this is a point a few people have made to me about being in the gym and having that sense of community with the other people who are there. I actually feel like the community I’ve built through my at home workouts is better than any community atmosphere I had in the gym. In my experience people at the gym don’t want to be bothered and that really limits that sense of community.

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