Is it too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

It seems to be the theme that everyone everywhere is decorating for Christmas or started decorating on November 1st. I waited until the 5th or something and held off on putting up our tree until yesterday (the 16th. This is the earliest I have ever put up any Christmas decor, I normally wait until after Thanksgiving and then take it all down on Christmas day because I’m over the clutter of the tree and all the little stuff. Something feels different this year though. I don’t know if it’s because of it being 2020 and all the weirdness this year has brought or if it’s because my kids are loving all the decorations and Nicholas keeps running around saying “Christmas Christmas Christmas”. Seeing them so excited about the lights and decorations has gotten me to be so excited about getting fun decorations and going all out this year. I really think by starting early I’ll be able to get more too as I find it, and won’t be rushed in finding decor so I can find all the perfect pieces.

This year I am doing a full revamp of all of the extra decorations. So, new lights, garland, little accent pieces, pillow covers, etc. So far on our front porch I’m loving these:

This 9′ prelit garland is perfect to wrap around the post on our front porch, and it adds that extra bit of magic that I have always felt was missing out there.

To say that Nicholas is obsessed with this tree being on the front porch would be a total understatement. Nach and I went to Lowe’s for paint stripper and left with this Christmas tree. Sounds about right, but truly when you have kids and you see something you know they’ll lose their shit over you get it. (Click picture to shop)

We have clear lights on the house. I just think they look so classic and timeless. We’ve done colored lights in the past and I just don’t love it quite as much.

As I add more decorations to the house I will update this page. I don’t know if I’ll add the Christmas tree decorations since it’s old stuff and I’m honestly not a huge fan of it anymore. I will say I get these ADORABLE yearly ornaments from Target where I can put a picture of the kids each year in them to see them through the years on Christmas morning. It was what I did as a “Baby’s First Christmas” in place of the traditional ones.

I have been getting these ornaments since 2017 for Nicholas’ first Christmas and I really hope they continue making these forever or at least 17 more years so that I can have them from each kids 1st Christmas to their 18th Christmas.

Click Picture to Shop

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