Advent Calendar, What on Earth do you put in this thing?!

Well luckily you don’t have to answer that question because I will be doing that for you. I went out and searched high and low for things that aren’t going to break the bank, that my toddlers will love, and won’t just end up in the trash in a week. More than anything I hate wasteful gifts. You know those little dinky things that end up breaking in two days or are just molded plastic that you end up throwing away later? Yeah I hate that kind of stuff. I want to give my kids gifts that they’ll actually use, that can encourage creativity, and that don’t just add to the clutter in the house.

I put together this list based off of what my own children are interested in and what I can tolerate as far as little trinkets go. A few of these things will be bought in multi packs allowing for multiple days of the same thing. Which is where the chocolates, gum, toy cars, etc come in. That way you aren’t coughing up $5-$10 per day which can add up really fast especially when you have multiple kids. And honestly on top of shopping for your own kids, parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews, friends, and any other family another expense of the advent calendar is really daunting. Thats why I wanted to put this fun list together for others: it’s affordable, fun, and useful items.

Remember to try and enjoy this season and know that in 5 years your kids will not remember how many gifts they got during this season. They will remember the time together, the laughter, the good food, and the ATMOSPHERE. I honestly can not tell you any of the gifts I received as a child for Christmas, but I remember how fun the whole season was. All of us sitting around the living room Christmas morning opening presents, breakfast, making forts in our rooms and trying to stay up as late as possible to see Santa, and the Christmas stories my parents read each night. I do remember the advent calendars and the gifts in general, and that made it a lot of fun too which is why I want to start these traditions with my kids, but on top of everything else I just remember how loved I felt.

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