Halloween 2020

As the whole world is essentially “skipping” Halloween it’s pretty obvious that neighborhoods are not. I really think theres no harm in going out and enjoying the holiday. We ourselves did take our kids out to trick-or-treat. We went on our daily walk and just made dressing up and stopping at some houses along the way part of the process. We went out pretty early and ended our trick-or-treat adventure right around 7 which is when it actually started getting quite busy out.

As a note for next year we will be heading out a little earlier and hopefully be done by the time more people start getting out. In general we aren’t huge fans of big crowds and especially with our kids we don’t like being anywhere thats too crowded just for safety reasons.

For costumes we didn’t do a family theme, not because we didn’t want to, but mostly because we are not creative enough to come up with costume ideas for the whole family. So Nicholas and Emilia on the other hand did coordinate their costumes: Nicholas dressed up as Scooby Doo and Emilia dressed up as Velma. I do realize that we could have been the whole mystery gang but that occurred to me too late in the game.

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