How to Start An Online Business

We are in the time of the lovely internet, and everywhere you look there are people working from home, using social media platforms to market what they have to offer, and thriving. Now keep in mind not everything is at it seems on the internet, these people tend to make this look easy and I can tell you from my own experience it is not easy. It takes work, and the average person does not get “instafamous” or have a $20k/month blog in the first year or even 5. It takes consistency, a lot of hustle, and a lot of sacrifice, but those things should not steer you away because it is 100% worth it! Where do you start though? Short answer, just start.

I know that doesn’t lend a whole lot of advice, but here’s the thing no one who has ever built a business online or even a brick and mortar knew what they were doing when they started. We take action, never give up, and LEARN from our mistakes. You can sit on an idea or wonder about joining that network marketing company forever, but unless you actually do something about it nothing is going to happen. I know the fear of judgement can cloud your confidence, I was that girl for so long. I worried way too much about what others would say before I started my business, but it turns out the fear in my head was way worse than any criticism I’ve ever received.

Here’s my lowdown of the how:

  1. Make your Instagram profile public, or create a business page. I personally think making your personal page public is way better. You already have an audience of people who know and trust you and you can build from there. If you’re worried about privacy of your children, your life, etc. you can archive any posts you don’t want to lose and also don’t want strangers seeing. If you’re worried about creeps theres a block button and you can remove followers.
  2. Have something to offer and know what your mission is. If you aren’t aligned with a network marketing company (like I am) what are you offering people? What is your end goal? Are you wanting to do lifestyle blogging? Be an influencer? Get partnerships with brands? Figure out what that is and start sharing things that are relevant to that topic. For example I’m a health and wellness coach and I also help other women start their own health and wellness coaching businesses. So I share clips of my daily workouts and business building tips.
  3. Create a work email. Do this so that your personal email is overrun with emails from followers, companies, etc. You want to have a separate business email so that you can keep things that are related to your business separate from your personal stuff.
  4. Have fun. Make sure you’re having fun and keep things that way. If you aren’t having fun people can see that. If you aren’t excited about what you’re doing people can feel that and they won’t be excited about it either.

I do want to say that as a former personal trainer and “traditional” job haver I didn’t see the appeal of partnering with a network marketing company. I already “knew” how to workout, eat healthy, and help others. Heres the thing though, I didn’t have a product to offer and the time that goes into creating really comprehensive and effective workout programs is insane. So the question then became how can I make money sharing what I love and helping other women reach the fitness goals? Partnering with Beachbody became a no-brainer.

The first three years of my business I heavily focused on just helping women with their fitness journeys, but recently I’ve really fallen into the role of being a mentor and helping women build their own businesses as well. When I look back I don’t know why (other than fear) I didn’t just start the first time I thought about starting. If I had I’d be way further along in my business building. So take it from me, whatever it is that’s holding you back right now will still be there tomorrow, but it likely won’t matter 10 years from now when you’re living the life that you always wanted.

If you’re interested in being mentored by me and starting your own business here’s a link to an application form so we can chat and get you started. Change Your Life Here

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