No Excuse November

Every year the month of November gets me SO excited! Not only because it’s my birthday month and the month of my favorite holiday, but it also sparks this new sense of motivation for me. I know most people at this time of year start to put fitness goals on the back burner, and just have that overall mindset of “I’ll just wait for the new year”, but for me I don’t want to wait. I just want to start today, so that’s what No Excuse November means to me: just starting today and leaving ALL excuses at the door. GET STARTED TODAY

Just because these next couple months have all the family gatherings, yummy desserts, big feasts, and overall is just considered an “unhealthy” food time of year doesn’t mean you have to let all of your goals fly out the window. So how do you maintain that momentum and end the year stronger? How do you enter the new year already ahead of the game with your goals? Here’s what I do:

  1. I write out my goals. Like what are the things that I would typically write out as a New Year resolution and I write those things out to do NOW.
  2. Make an action plan. What are 3 things I can do every day to get me closer to those goals? If your goal is to lose weight your action plan might look like this: exercise at least 30 minutes a day, drink more water, eat more veggies. Simple digestible action items really help you get to that end goal and allow for more of an actual lifestyle than a short term fix. (Click here for access to my workout library and one on one coaching)
  3. Have balance. I know you hear this all the time “find balance” and then you’re left wondering how. Heres my simple how-to. Stop seeing it as an all or nothing approach, this really leads to burn out and impossible standards to follow all the time. When it comes to nutrition goals for me I think about it like this: get all my veggies, protein, and water in for the day (these are the harder things for me to get in) and then if I’m still hungry after all of that then I go for the more “fun” foods like fruit, ice cream, bread, etc. This way I know I’m getting all of the nutrients that I need and often times since I am getting all of that in I’m actually not hungry later and don’t really want any of the fun food.
  4. Make it fun. Always make sure you’re having fun while you’re working toward your goals. Not every single day and activity is going to be full of fun, but finding fun parts to each activity that leads you to your goal is important. At least I think it is.

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