How to Build Your Brand

We’ve all heard of this idea of building a brand online using social media platforms, but like how do you do that? Honestly it’s so simple that it feels like it should be hard. Almost too good to be true? But those are my favorite types of things; if they’re too good to be true then GO FOR IT! So many people are scared of the “too good to be true” opportunities that they never go for it, meaning there is PLENTY of room for YOU!

Simply put building YOUR brand is all about being YOU. Thats it. Share the things that make you, well you. Your favorite restaurants, clothes, makeup, lifestyle hacks, etc. You want to get semi specific though because if you’re just all over the place and trying to have a little something for everyone then you’re not going to attract anyone. This goes beyond finding your “niche” because honestly what does that even mean? You’re a mom? You like true crime? You’re over caffeinated? It goes beyond that, it comes down to your core values. What are those? Write them down, and work from that list!

Have a goal, purpose, or end game in mind. Are you building a network marketing business? You need to talk about that, and make sure your content is tailored to women who are also wanting to do the same, and let them know you have an opportunity available for them. Are you building your fashion or lifestyle blog? Then you need to showcase that and leave breadcrumbs on your social platforms so that people will GO to your blog. Are you building an online fitness coaching business? You need to showcase your workouts, meal plans, programming, and current clients to spark interest and let others know that you have something to offer. Whatever it is that you are wanting to help people with you need to make that your main focus, and work off of that with your core values.

Have a plan. I love an influencer that says they just wing it, cause they be lying, and it makes me laugh all day long. I’ll tell you what, I used to wing it and I had VERY LITTLE success. My content was all over the place and there was never any build up to anything. I was always pitching, asking, and looking desperate. I also wasn’t having any fun and starting to feel extreme burn out. We don’t want that. We want to have fun, see success, and be EXCITED about our work. Having a content PLAN helps with that. So plan that shit out.

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