DIY Board and Batten

After many questions and a full weekend of work, I am going to share step by step how to do this simple board and batten look and do it in a budget friendly way! Keep in mind some materials I already had on hand, power tools were already at my house, and I had all tools on hand. My total cost on this portion of the project was about $50. That being said, you can pay for project cuts at The Home Depot or Lowe’s in my experience they do an okay job with accuracy it just depends on who you have doing those cuts, so make sure you have the correct measurements for your space. I did link most of the materials/tools I used in the supplies list and throughout the post, I also have a liketoknowit post with all the tools I used for an easy place to see what you will need.

Supplies List:
Mitre Saw
Measuring Tape
Sand Paper
Sander Block
Nail Gun
Finishing Nails
Painters Tape
Paint Brush
Paint Roller
Wood Filler (spackling) and Spatula
All Purpose Acrylic Caulking and Caulking Gun
1×2 wood (ledge at top)
1×6 Top and Bottom (horizontal pieces
1×3 vertical pieces (mine were 4 ft long)


  • MEASURE MEASURE and MEASURE again. Then cut. Seriously, I measure the length of the wall 5 times to make sure I had it correct. My wall ended up being 14.5 ft long and I ended up using 7 of my 1×3 pieces to go across spaced 29 inches apart. I’ll go into more detail on that later. This part is literally just so you can measure measure measure and know how many pieces of wood you need, and how long you need them. I ended up getting:
    2 8foot 1×2 pieces
    2 8foot 1×6 pieces
    4 8foot 1×3 pieces
  • Make your cuts. Again I have a mitre saw (linked here), but if you don’t have wood cutting tools at home you can ask the nice people at the store to make the cuts you need for you. When you go in though make sure you have the CORRECT measurements because thats what you’ll be stuck with.
  • Rip out floor board on that wall. This part is optional but I really think it looks so much better without the original floor boards under the whole thing. I used a pry bar to rip mine out but you can literally use a hammer, or any other means you need to rip that puppy out.
  • Start placing your boards. I started with the boards on the bottom and used my handy dandy nail gun. This is the one I have. You want to use a nail gun with the finishing nails because they go into the wood. This is important since you will be filling these little holes with wood filler and giving that flat finish.
  • Then place your vertical boards. Mine were spaced 29 inches apart, but this was specific to my wall. You’ll need to do the math for your wall. This comes down to how many vertical boards you want up. Which will also determine how many 1×3 boards you’ll need to purchase in the first place. Some people use a stud finder and place the boards on the studs which should be evenly spaced already. My stud finder took a crap on me so I went with the measure and math it out method. Both work. With each board I used my level to make sure they were placed straight up and down before using the nail gun to nail them into place. This is important so that your boards are, well straight. You don’t want crooked boards.
  • Place the top 1×6 boards. Again use the level to make sure everything is lining up how it’s supposed to and use that handy dandy nail gun to nail your board in place.
  • Place the 1×2 on it’s side so that it hangs over the edge of the 1×6. Since your last board is level you don’t really need to use the level for this, but if it fancies you go ahead and check that everything is level. You won’t be able to nail this one into the wall, you’ll nail it into the 1×6 board that it is resting on top of, but make sure it is all the way up against the wall before nailing it into place.
  • Fill the seams with caulking. Use a caulking gun for this, you’ll thank me later. I just used the caulking from the “paint projects” box. (linked here) Cut the top of the caulking tube at an angle and make it SMALL so that you don’t have a big huge mess. I used my finger to smooth out the seams but there are special tools to do this. You’ll find it on the same aisle as the caulking.
  • Fill in all imperfections, holes from the nails, and seams from any joining pieces in the wood with wood filler. (linked here) I actually had this on hand from previous projects. Wood filler is amazing and you will want to use a spatula to fill in the holes and try to make it as smooth as possible, but don’t stress yourself out over this because you will be sanding it down. Now, let the wood filler and caulking dry for a few hours. The wood filler I use turns white when it is dry as to let you know when it’s done drying, but I’ve found the deeper a hole is that needs filling the longer it takes to dry and if it’s not all the way dry when you go to sand it down it starts to lift up and get messed up.
  • Sand down your wood. You want everything to be smooth as a babies bottom. I used this sand paper and this hand tool. I do actually have an air powered sander, but our air compressor takes forever to fill with air and goes through the air so fast it was literally faster for me to sand it by hand. You want a fine sand paper so that you can smooth everything out really good.
  • Clean up any dust, and start taping off areas you don’t want painted. I ended up painting the entire wall, but if you only want the new board and batten area to be painted make sure to tape off the wall above, the joining walls, etc.
  • PAINT! No need for real instructions on this I don’t think. Make sure you have tested your paint colors ahead of time so you know how it will look in your house. I used Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer in One color Vanilla Frost in a Satin finish.
  • You’re done! Now you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful work and brag to all your friends that you did it alone! This is my favorite part of this project is that I did not need my husbands help for any of it. Which gives me this sense of pride about it.

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