Top 5 Mistakes Made When Working from Home

Working from home is the new norm for a lot of us, and for others who have lost jobs recently finding a way to make an income from home has become more and more enticing. As glamorous and fun as it sounds and actually is there are a lot of things that get in the way of having success. I know when I first started working from home I personally made all of these mistakes, and since shifting my approach I have seen a huge shift in my business as well. So, I want to help you avoid making the same mistakes that I did or to recognize what those mistakes are and change them!

  1. Not Having a Morning Routine
    I know I know, part of the fun of working from home is just doing whatever you want right? Especially when you work for yourself. You have no one to answer to so what is the point in having a routine? Trust me, this is GAME CHANGING! It doesn’t have to be anything crazy either. You can just have a simple set of things you do every day that help get you in the mindset you need to have in order to have a productive day. For example here is my morning routine:
    – Skip the Snooze Button
    -Splash my face with COLD water, and brush my teeth
    -Make my Bed
    -Get my Workout Clothes on
    -Write Down the things I’m grateful for
    -Write Out My Goals
    -Write Out My To-Do List
  2. Not Getting Ready for the Day
    This is another one of those, why things, but just trust me on this. I know for me I feel zero motivation when I’m still in my pajamas. So here’s my trick even if you still want to wear something comfy do that! Just get out of your pajamas and put a little concealer under your eyes and throw on some mascara. It literally changes everything. For me, I’ll wait until after my workout but since part of my morning routine is getting into my workout clothes I’ve already changed out of my pajamas and into something that makes me feel good.
  3. Not Having Set Working Hours
    I guess this list is just full of why’s but listen when you don’t have set working hours you can be “working” all day and get nothing done because you have all day to do it. I made this mistake a lot when I first started out. I would be “working” all the time. It drove my husband insane and others around me too. I didn’t get it because I was just on my phone, but really I wasn’t paying any attention to the people or things happening around me and I felt burn out ALL THE TIME. So, set those hours, make that list of action items, and set deadlines for yourself. You’ll be so much more productive.
  4. Procrastinating and Finding Ways to Keep Yourself “Busy”
    When you use social media for your job this one can be so easy to fall into. You end up scrolling Instagram and calling that work. THAT IS NOT WORK. So stop doing it. If part of your day requires you to connect and talk with others on social media platforms make sure that is what you’re doing. Don’t just like images and scroll. Start meaningful conversations and really get to know the women you are trying to connect with. It goes a long way and helps so much with things that help you expand your network. You need to make sure the time you’re spending on your phone and in these social media platforms is actually getting your where you want to go and not just filling the time.
  5. Not Setting Boundaries
    When you neglect to set boundaries with yourself, your family, and friends it creates an atmosphere where they think you’re just available all the time; even if you aren’t. This can get and is very frustrating. I personally have family that thinks “oh she’s home all day she can do it” when in reality I can’t. I have conference calls, bootcamp calls, mentorships to run, and content I need to put out. I had to set these boundaries and let people know just because I’m working from home and create my own schedule does not mean I am just available all the time. It was hard for me to not feel bad about this, but ultimately has made me so much happier!

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