We Went to an Apple Orchard

Last weekend we went to an apple orchard after we hit up the same pumpkin patch again. Honestly it blew my expectations out of the water. We spent maybe 30 minutes there but the kids had so much fun, practiced spitting out apple chunks, and I got scared by some bugs. It was eventful.

I want to make sure I share some value here and not just oh look at us we had fun. So what I want to share: How to set expectations for family outings.

I feel like I’ve done something similar before of how we have so much fun and how I just try to go with the flow, but I want to elaborate on how I actually get past my anxiety and set my expectations a little lower.

  1. Stop comparing your outing to how much fun it looks like others are having doing the same things on social media. This kills more fun memories than anything. Of course people only post the pictures of their kids smiling, because who wants to focus on the tears and tantrums along with share that their kids were a little less than perfect all day? No one. So keep that in mind.
  2. Expect Tantrums. If you go in expecting there to be tantrums and there are, which there will be, you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Have no expectations. Just don’t expect anything to come from the day. I know thats hard, but really once you kind of let go of what you expect to happen it actually becomes way more fun than you thought it could be. I have pretty much learned to be okay with the fact that my agenda does not match up with either of my kids agendas and the more pressure I put on the day the worse it is.
  4. Have a Flexible Plan. Having a plan is super key for me, and really most parents but making sure there is flexibility in this plan is super important. If I want to make sure that I get a cute picture of the kids on the hay bale, I need to be okay with them picking the hay bale. Like literally, kids are so weird and if they’re having fun on one hay bale and you try to get them on the cuter one with pumpkins and the backdrop they might and probably will throw a fit. So go with the flow and let little things like that have more flexibility in them.

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