Emilia Gets a Room Update!

We are doing a DIY Board and Batten wall for Emilia’s room and I couldn’t possibly be more excited!! After a ton of research and scouring the likes of Pinterest I have found the perfect method for us and we will be going to buy wood here in a couple weeks for this project. Seriously cannot wait. Before Emilia was born we tore out the existing closet in her room and did a built in style of shelving that fit our needs much better.

I don’t have the transformation pic of this anymore, but we tore out the existing closet and built the whole inside of this closet. Emilia’s closet is essentially the same thing.

In our short stint of DIY projects around the house we have picked up a lot of tools, short cuts, and know how. Funny enough the first project we did was Nicholas’ closet and then we used the same design for Emilia’s. You can tell when you look really closely that we had a much better idea of how to do things the second time around. We have since built an entire shelving unit with a work bench for the garage, and plan on doing more shelving in the garage for better storage organization. Anyway, when I brought this idea to my husband he was actually just as excited as I was for it!

Pinterest Inspo Board

I originally wanted to just do wallpaper on the wall and call it a day, but every single print I loved was going to cost over $1,000 and I just was not going to drop that much cash on a wall for a home that isn’t even our forever home, ya know? So in comes the wonderful idea to do a DIY board and batten wall! (some pretty solid ‘before’ photos)

So far I’ll just be sharing the supplies that I have gotten and will need to get for this project and when I share the actual ‘how-to’ I’ll do a full recap of what tools were used etc. This week we had some extra time available to us so I decided to get sample paint colors and measure out the dimensions of the wall for the project. So I know the exact number of materials I need.
– Sample paints (Behr Marquee)
– An angled paint brush
– Alex Plus All Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone

I’m so excited to see this space transform and to share the end result with you! If you want to see more of the behind the scenes make sure to follow me on Instagram! @alyssa.uriarte

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