Random Family Outings

Normally I would say we’re basically homebodies, but recently we’ve been getting a little stir crazy and making random trips out as a family. Just in these last two weeks we’ve gone to the beach, had a picnic in the park, went shopping at the Outlet mall (twice), and went to an out of town pumpkin patch. Seriously we never pack that much into such a short time frame but something about September just made it hard to stay home. The whole month was weird.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the fun things we’ve done and some of my “mommy tips” on how we manage to do all of this stuff with two little ones and limit the amount of stress we experience.

  • I almost always have the diaper bag “ready to go”. Basically I always have it stocked with diapers, wipes, and extra outfit for each kid, and some basic snacks (apple sauce pouches, gold fish, graham crackers, etc.) That way at the drop of a hat we can just pick up and go, and the only thing I need to grab extra are the kids sippy cups.
  • We try to have a go with the flow attitude. Trust me this one is HARD for me. I am not a go with the flow person, I like to think I am and I’ll even act like I am but deep down inside I like order and having a plan. When we take spur of the moment trips I can tend to get a little stressed trying to control all the details that surround it. It’s good to just kind of let go and let the fun happen. On one of our spontaneous trips to the outlets that was really a trip to Dunkin Donuts for a free coffee (LOL) Nicholas started freaking out in the car, we literally had no clue what he was trying to tell us and he was just screaming. Cue the stress. My husband is really great at handling these situations and decided to pull off on the side of the road so he could walk around and look at the almond orchards. It worked like a charm, and the day was saved!
  • Have an activity in mind for the kids to enjoy. We always try to make sure that some part of what we are doing is going to be exciting for the kids. Whether that be getting a donut with sprinkles or playing at the water feature in the shopping center. I used to roll my eyes so hard at parents who would let their kids play in the water fountains at shopping centers, but here I am eating my own words and letting my kids dip their feet in. Honestly anything to see them smile, limit the screaming, and that doesn’t cause them harm and I’m down to let them do it.

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