Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere

If you didn’t know it’s pumpkin season then you likely have been hiding your head underground. All we see on social media right now is pumpkin patch trips, apple picking, PSL, boots, and scarves. It’s the best time of year for bloggers. While it might be cooler in some areas it definitely has not hit that coveted cool down here. That doesn’t mean we’re immune to hitting up the pumpkin patches though.

The pumpkin patch we usually hit up is closed this year because of COVID restrictions, so we sought out a new location and oh boy are we happy we did! We did a weather check a few days ahead of time to see if the weather would be nicer there than at home and we were optimistic that it would be. When we got there though we were greeted with a much different scenario. It was HOT. Like 95 degrees hot. Needless to say we were definitely overdressed. We didn’t have on sweaters or anything crazy like that but even jeans and t-shirts are a little much when it’s that warm outside.

We did make the most of our trip though. We went to Avila Valley Barn. It was truly an experience as the kids got to feed the goats and some cows, pick out some candy, and eat some very yummy ice cream. We didn’t pick up any pumpkins this go around but we are planning to go on another trip out there very soon where we will likely be coming home with some pumpkins for our front porch.

The kids had a blast, and even between the full on meltdowns of wanting to climb on the pile of pumpkins and steal wagons from other people we really did make the best memories.

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