How I Achieve Overall Wellness

When it comes to my health I want to be healthy in all aspects of my life: relationships, parenting, finances, health, mind etc. and the way I do that is making sure that I put as much effort into each thing that I do the other. Being healthy doesn’t stop with workouts and nutrition. Sure, it can start there but even more important are the things we take in during the other 23 hours of the day.

One way I keep my mind healthy is making sure to have real control over the content I take in, the images that I consume, the media I consume, the people I interact with and the things I’m reading. This gives me real control over the health of my mindset and wanting to keep it positive.

I keep my relationships healthy by keeping up with them. This is especially true in my marriage. I know we hear the phrase “date your spouse” all the time, and it feels like a cliche. So, I’m gonna change it to keep up with your spouse! Take it back to the beginning. When you first met you asked each other so many questions to get to know one another. After ten years with my husband you would think I know everything about him, and surely I do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask about this day or how he feels about a certain topic. I find myself sometimes being annoyed with how much he wants to talk to me about things, but then I quickly remember that this is his way of showing me he cares about me and wants to know my input on a topic. I make sure I participate in those conversations instead of just saying “yeah”, “okay”, etc. He does the same with me, he makes sure to ask me about projects I’m working on and encourages me to keep going when I feel stuck.

There are so many ways to have overall wellness, and these are just a few. But I want to emphasize that it’s not a one size fits all approach. Yes, I’m a healthy and fitness coach, but my life doesn’t revolve around working out and eating vegetables. In fact I like shopping (a lot), exploring new cities, traveling, people watching, watching my kids play together, photography.. and I really believe to live a healthy life it’s important to focus on other aspects of your life and find a way to fit fitness and good nutrition into that!

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