Our Family Trip to the Beach

My husband and I absolutely love going to the beach and I desperately wanted to pass that love onto our children. Luckily we did! We’ve sadly only been to the beach twice with them this summer, but because of COVID beaches were closed for a hot minute in California and we just weren’t able to go.

This weekend we made what was likely our last beach trip of the season, and as the usually do the kids had so much fun. Nicholas loves running to the water and then running away as the waves come up to shore. His shrieks of excitement are the cutest thing! Emilia takes a minute to warm up to being there, but eventually she does the same. Nicholas is also obsessed with making sand castles to we make sure to take sand castle building supplies. We have a set similar to this one.

As we wrap up the summer season I wanted to share some of the things we always take with us to the beach, these things make our trips easier and more fun!

  1. Sand Resistant Blanket: This is a must! I place this on the sand first and then lay any blankets, towels, or bags on top of it. This way we have a place to set our dirty feet, and keep as much sand as possible off our beach blanket.
  2. Beach Tent: I love having this tent, it provides amazing shade, is big enough for the whole family to get under, and makes the perfect place for the kids to lay down and take a nap.
  3. Beach Blanket: This is an obvious one, but having a big blanket that you can lay out makes it way easier than having a bunch of towels laid out everywhere!
  4. Sunscreen: Another obvious one, but I’ve been loving Banana Boat Kids sunscreen. Pro tip- use a beauty blender to put sunscreen on kids faces, makes application so much easier!
  5. Sun Hat: When the kids will wear them I love these ones as they cover the back of their necks.
  6. Reusable Swim Diapers: Ever since I taught swim lessons I have loved reusable swim diapers. If there is a poop situation they hold in everything so much better than disposable swim diapers. It also cuts down on cost, and waste tremendously! I usually take two per kid that way if they do have a poop I can put a clean one on them.
  7. Beach Toys: As I covered earlier Nicholas loves building sand castles, and honestly beach toys just make the beach a lot more fun for kiddos.
  8. Beach Wagon: I don’t have one of these yet, but I want one and we are definitely getting one for next summer. This will make it so much easier to tow everything down to the beach instead of having to carry 3 different bags, a tent, and the kids. ( I linked the one that we are looking at getting but will also link some cheaper options as well!)
    Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon
    Beau Jardin Folding Wagon
    Seina Sand Mate Beach Wagon

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