Making Health and Fitness a Lifestyle

You hear this idea that you need to make your health and fitness a lifestyle to have long term success in reaching your goals. But what does that mean? How do you do that? First things first, you have to CHANGE your mindset. You have to get away from that “all or nothing” approach. Life is not all or nothing and your fitness journey shouldn’t be either.

When you approach your workouts you’re almost always going to be following some sort of program or set of workouts, but try to think beyond those 21 days or those 6 weeks. Have a talk with yourself and make the decision that after the duration of the program you’re doing is over that you’ll keep working out and moving your body.

I feel like workouts are always the easier part of the equation, it only takes up 30-60 minutes of your entire day, so the real work comes when we start talking about food. My number one tip for nutrition is to never follow a diet you can’t sustain long term. Do you see yourself still following those same rules two years from now? If the answer is no don’t even start with it. Are there educational pieces to the nutrition guide/meal plan you are about to start? If the answer is no, I beg you to ask the questions to find the WHY behind the approach so that you can LEARN how to fuel your body properly. Without actually learning how to do this you will likely lack the confidence in the choices you’re making when others try to question you.

How many times have you started a diet and then when Aunt Becky makes a negative remark you throw your hands up and quit? I know it’s happened to me SO many times, or when I go to eat something at a party like cake or ice cream I get the “are you sure you’re allowed to eat that on your diet?” All of these things make it so easy to be deterred and quit. I know this because I did it so many times.

When you’re fueled with KNOWLEDGE it is way easier to explain why you CAN eat the cake and why you CAN enjoy your life while still reaching your fitness goals!

Stop categorizing food as good and bad. Food is food end of story. There are some foods that make me feel like shit, and other foods that make me feel amazing. I focus on that and I eat more of the foods that make me feel good than I do of the foods that make me feel like shit. As it turns out the more I listen to my body and eat the foods that honor her and what she truly craves the more vegetables, lean protein, and the less refined sugars and dairy I eat. I’m not saying that any of this food is better or worse than the other, I just know how it makes MY body feel. Different foods make me feel good than the foods that make you feel good. There are plenty of times I do reach for the ice cream or a slice of cake, but I do it in moderation 1. because I know it’s not “off limits” or a “cheat” and 2. because when I have too much it inevitably makes me sick.

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