Circuit Leg Day

I don’t usually like doing circuits, but man can they get the heart rate up especially when you push yourself! This workout can take you 20 minutes or it can take you 30 it just depends on how hard you push yourself. The result is the same, the amount of work is the same, so don’t worry about finishing it quickly. I love the burst of cardio at the end of this as it really gets my heart rate up and has me sweating up a storm by the end of this workout.

You’ll go through the circuit 4 times, and don’t be afraid to push yourself and use a heavier weight. For reference I used 17.5 lb dumb bells.

Start with banded Goblet Squats for 10 Reps

10 Reps Curtsy Lunges with Strength Slide (both sides)

10 Reps Single Leg Deadlift (both sides)

45 Seconds Skaters

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